Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mobile Apps for Business - Enterprise Mobile Apps - Corporate Mobile Apps

The global phenomenon of building mobile applications for all spheres of life, with entertainment apps occupying its first place, has attracted attention of business sector as well. Analyzing obvious advantages of mobile technologies, it becomes evident that they can add value to market-facing, business-to-business, and employee-facing activities in each enterprise and organization by helping accelerate time-to-decision and operational efficiency.
According to a September 2011 survey of more than 570 organizations using mobile software applications in a diverse set of industries, employees need enterprise connectivity from their personal smartphones and tablet devices, widely known as the "Bring Your Own Device" trend.
One of recent IBM studies shows that over 70% of company decision makers already researched the possibility to allow mobile devices to connect to corporate networks. It means that such type of mobile collaboration is important for enterprises with security, data protection and regulatory compliance being major factors.
With mobile apps, any organization will be able to achieve:
- higher productivity
- quicker decision making
- better internal communication processes
Intellectsoft understands the importance of real time information and communication process, bringing in a perfect blend of business processes analysis and IT solutions.
As a result of our work, organizations are empowered with the technical solutions that make them more competitive, notwithstanding the size of the company.
Intellectsoft can deal with various industry domains where enterprise mobile applications can be especially valuable:
- HealthCare
- Manufacturing and retail
- Finance and Insurance
- Public Safety
With Intellectsoft, you’ll take the advantage of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry business apps, as sales of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed laptops, and desktop computers. So it seems we’re touching the future!

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