Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Major Predictions for 2013

Here are the top predictions for the coming year. Check out what to expect in 2013 from IT world:
  • The battles of mobile platforms: experts predict that mobile phones will become the most popular gadgets for Web access, leaving PCs far behind, by 2013. Whilst, by 2015 smartphones will have 80% of mobile phones sales. Only 20% of phones will run on Windows OS. According to Finvista Advisors, Android tablets sales will surpass iPad by 2013. On the whole Android is expected to become the most popular tech-brand in the world.
  • Google is back in town: Facebook becomes annoying, Apple without Steve is losing ground too, Microsoft stays the same, whilst Amazon has no one to compete with. It is high time for Google to shine and it does: their efforts in maps, video, email, smartphones and even driverless cars prove they have great potential and can take over the world. Whatever mistakes Google made, they seem to have learned the lessons. Some experts claim that in the nearest future Google will become the new Apple.
  • Mobile Apps and HTML5: mobile apps developers have a huge choice of tools to built bespoke applications: more than 100 potential tools vendors. The experts from Gartner report that for a couple of years there will not appear a universal tool applicable to all platforms and kind of apps, thus developers will still use a set of instruments. Such architectures, as hybrid, native, HTML 5, special, No Client and Message will not lose their popularity. Though, native apps will be shifted by Web applications and hybrids, because HTML 5 is getting more and more capable. Surely, natives will not vanish and will keep offering the best UE and superior features. Besides, mobile developers will have to acquire improved design knowledge and skills (or develop the onces we have) to release touch-optimised apps compatible with a range of gadgets in a coordinated fashion.
  • Head in the clouds: cloud technologies are becoming more popular as the place to keep personal data and content, access your services and concentrate you digital live. Users are just not that into PCs anymore… After all, personal cloud allows users to connect all the different devices they have to use during their everyday life. The cloud will feature the ultimate set of services, Web destinations and connection possibilities which will be the centre of all digital communication and computing activities. This innovative technology finally changes the focus from device to cloud based services which can be delivered across any devices.
  • Farewell, Intel: the CA heavy-weight in chip production gives ground to Carry Along and mobile chip makers headed by ARM and Qualcomm. Alas, Intel becomes the past of computing.
  • Net TV takes over the world: it is already the dominating kind television in the USA and soon will spread all over the globe.
  • e-Reading is The Reading: overall sales of e-books will beat the sales of adult paperback by 2013, and their rates will grow for more than 30 percent. No e-reader yet? You’d better hurry to purchase one.
  • High quality is getting higher: due to development of robotized lines 3D printers, next year we will face unbelievable rise in the quality of mobile devices manufacture. Smartphone hewed from one piece of polycarbonate plastic, like Nokia Lumia 920, are already on the market and it’s only the beginning.
  • 2013 – mega-mergers year: the majority of experts agree that next year such big dogs as Apple, Google and Microsoft will make their most important purchases for the last few years. Potential merger objects are well-known: Nokia, Twitter, Netflix, HTC, Zynga, RIM and Groupon.

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